what is Lifelong Learning & Lifelong Learning Evaluation Framework

Lifelong Learning Plan Framework which includes obtain knowledge, assumes attitudes and develop skills

Lifelong learning is an ongoing; process which is beyond the limits of class room learning. It is voluntary in nature rather than Compulsory.

Lifelong Learning Plan Framework elements are described below:

Obtain Knowledge

  • It helps to Understand the interconnection and interdependence of global systems
  • It gives In depth understanding about the historical, cultural, economic, and political forces that shape society and explain own situation in this context
  • Leads to understand various/different cultures and how culture is created
  • The relationship of power and language, and how language interacts with culture
  • This Framework will help to understand conflict and power relationships.
  • Understand how language frames thinking and perspective (“the language you speak creates the box in which you think”)
  • Recognize how stereotypes develop and where they come from


Assume Attitudes

  • A sense of perspective and social responsibility
  • Overcome provincial/parochial thinking
  • Reduced prejudice
  • An appreciation of difference; an ability to value and acknowledge other cultures as legitimate
  • Cultural self-awareness and understanding of one’s self in the global context (one’s own place and connections)
  • Greater appreciation of or an interest in learning about different cultures
  • It portrays Empathy and heightened awareness of perspective
  • Open-mindedness and an understanding of complexity


Develop Skills

  • The ability to think, work, and move across boundaries—in diverse environments with a range of people
  • Conflict resolution
  • Intercultural communications skills
  • It leads to Language proficiency
  • The ability to take informed responsibility for actions in a globally connected world
  • Linking theory and practice through experience both as citizens and in professions
  • Internalize and apply cultural understandings and knowledge
  • An increased capacity to seek out multiple perspectives—inside perspectives as well as outside ones


Here You will brainstorm five (5) activities that you can see yourself engaging in during your lifetime that might assist you in developing Lifelong Learning Plan Framework. With each activity write down a brief discussion (a short paragraph for practice) as to how this activity fits into one (or more) of the elements of the framework we are using:

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