What are the two keys to building lasting customer relationships?

product's perceived performance matches a buyer's expectations

What are the two keys to building lasting customer relationships?

A. Innovative products and low prices
B. Value and satisfaction
C. Satisfaction and sales promotions
D. Value and customer service
E. Customer service and quality products

Correct Answer:

D. Value and customer service


Value and customer service are the two keys to building lasting customer relationships. Here, a question rises in everyone minds why it is important to build a customer’s relationship. This is all because if you have a healthy relationship with customers. You have an option to retain your customers which will lead to generate loyalty. A loyal customer has its own significant importance for companies.

A loyal customer not only make purchase of a specific companies’ goods and service. It also causes the word of mouth marketing through which a company can generate its business. If a loyal customer is satisfied, he will urge their colleagues to buy that companies product from which he is satisfied.
Companies have option to build lasting customer relationship though providing value and customers services to its customers. For example, SHAN Foods is using the soft cell strategy to attract new customers as well as to retain the previous one. In these commercials, they portrait a person who is living for away from their home and his holy event comes.

Due to his holy events he misses the mother hand cooked food. SHAN Foods trigger him to use realize that we cannot shorten your distance but you can take the taste of your mother handed cooked foods by using SHAN foods species.
In this commercial SHAN foods tried to realize its customers that we love your loved ones. They also emphasizing that SHAN Foods is giving value to its customer as well as to their families and emotions. Actually, they are trying to realize that SHAN Foods is giving value to its customers.

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