The 5 Service Quality Dimension | An Informative Overview

service quality dimension tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, Assurance and empathy

Service Quality Dimensions: 

The Service Quality Dimension is Tangibles, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, and Empathy.


This Service Quality Dimension demonstrates the Physical Appearance of the surroundings or atmosphere in which Service is providing. It will include facilities and equipment used to pleasant the atmosphere. It also includes the method of presenting the Product.

On the other hand, this Dimension is related to create First-Hand Impressions. Every company wants to give never forgettable Unique Experience to gain Customers’ Loyalty to provide Services in the future. Sometimes this Tangible Service Dimension is referring to as Service Escape


The Reliability Quality Dimension is described as how much frequently a company is performing and completing their promised Quality Standards with accuracy. Reliability is also important as far as the First Impression is important due to the Customer’s Consciousness about the supplier of those Products either they are reliable and fulfilling the Promised Quality Standards or not. Reliability leads to create Customer Loyalty with this service in the future.

Responsiveness of Service Quality:

This Service Quality Dimension shows the companies Consciousness to provide First-Class Quality with rapid Services to its customers. The company’s first priority is to give superior feeling through its best-guaranteed Quality in the Services.

Through this Service Quality, each client feels more significance in the event.


The Assurance Quality Dimension is related to Attitude, Personality, and way of talking of Service providers. It can be sales, representatives, or any employee who deals with the customer directly or indirectly.

If a company representative fails to comply with Customers’ Expectations and Service Quality, most probably the client will not return in the future.


The Empathy as Quality Dimension shows how an organization minds its clients and gives individualized consideration regarding construct client certainty on their administration. Its aim is that he will feel additional Esteemed and Extraordinary.

This Quality Dimension shows the emphasis on knowing the customer’s required attributes on the real grounds. This is why if you do not know about your Customer’s Needs you cannot entertain him in an excellent way.

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