Request For Bid Proposal (RFP) For MFB | Definition & Sample Template

Given a situation to solicit a bid proposal evaluate technical management, commercial and ethical requirements and then prepare a RFP for MFB

prepare a RFP for MFB



Multinational Food & Beverage Company


Request for Proposal


Natural Gas Supply


ISSUED:                               XYZ


DUE DATE:                          XYZ








2017 RFP for Natural Gas Supply Responses


[email protected]


Section 1: Introduction Of RFP

Purpose and Scope:

MFB requests for proposal for supply of natural gas to provide energy to heat its ovens for the period of XYZ duration.


MFB needs natural gas quantity up to abc GJ per day

Point of delivery: MFB manufacturing unit.

Price: Price should be in Australian dollar per GJ.

Enabling agreement:

All bidders must need to signed agreement with MFB under Australian energy Regulator. Bidders should propose some special provisions that amend the AER agreement to reflect the proposed transaction. MFB have reserved rights to accept or reject any bids based its own discretion.

Section 2: Logistics

Request for Proposal schedule: The following chart will describe the anticipated schedule and bidders should note that it will be changing in actual. MFB don’t have any liability to the change in anticipated schedule while completing the project


Milestone Date
MFB issuance of RFP (Issue Date) XYZ
Offers due to PacifiCorp (Due Date) XYZ
A notice should indicates that if they got selected to negotiate an agreement After one month of bid accept
Underlying agreement and or confirmation agreement After two months of bid accept



Communication: interested parties can send their quires or related documents through [email protected]. These queries will be answered in timely fashion.

Submission of Bids: interested parties can submit their bids electronically by 5:00 p.m according to MFB Australian Time with e-mail to [email protected]. The subject section must contain Request for Proposal Response along with the name of the company. Bids will be reviewed and will be made final selection. Bidders will be notified by XYZ date if they have been selected to negotiate to an agreement.

Section 3: Eligibility Proposals Criteria For RFP

The basic terms and conditions for all bid proposals are as following when responding to this Request for proposal. Bid proposals that will not match to these basic terms and conditions and definition will be ineligible for further evaluation.

Basic terms and Conditions:

The Request for Proposal bid submitter must includes the terms, point of delivery, contract quantity, contract price and any condition which is precedent to bidder’s proposal, or any deviation from the basic terms and condition or definitions as described in this RFP. Prices must be in Australian Based Dollar. Bidders must have to sign the AER agreement with MFB.

Section 4: Minimum Eligibility Requirement For Bidders For RFP.

Bidders can be disqualified if any of the requirements are not fulfilled. If a proposals do not match with these requirements, MFB have reserved right to ineligible or eliminate a bidder for further evaluation.  Reasons on which a bidder can be rejected:

  • That Bid proposal which do not match with the instructions or requirements specified in the RFP.
  • When a RFP bid submittal is received after RFP due date.
  • Once a bidder is selected for negotiating primary agreement, bidder fails to provide on time and bidders credit information specified below.
  • If Bidder could not be able to show, MFB’s satisfaction, that it must meet the security requirements for the fundamental agreement and authentication agreement selected.
  • Is any reference or pressure is used to win that proposal.
  • Any bidder reveals that party’s interest in the proposal submittal, it will be rejected.
  • The bidder has in writing threatened legislation against MFB, will have to pay one million dollar.
  • If a Bidder fails to satisfy MFB, it must also meet the security requirement of the proposed source.

Credit Information of bidder:

When the bidder is selected for negotiating an primary agreement, the bidder will have to provide the following information to enables MFB to evaluate their financial viability and that entity which is providing assurance on the behalf of bidder.

  • Complete legal name and address of bidder.
  • Provide senior unsecured long term debt rating along with its type of rating.
  • Attach copies of audited financial statements for three year which includes the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement.
  • Identify pending legal disputes.
  • Mention if bidder has been debater in any bankruptcy in last five year.
  • Bidder should mention its ability of credit support provider to provide the security

Credit information for the entity providing credit assurance on behalf of the bidder For RFP:

  • Exact legal name and address of the entity which is providing the credit assurance on the behalf of the bidder.
  • Explain the relationship of that entity with the bidder along with the type of credit assurance to be provided. Bidder must have to provide the company letter for commitment that is acceptable from that entity. Providing the credit on behalf of bidder.
  • Debt rating of the credit assurance firm should be provided in term of long term debt.
  • Attached the audited copies of financial statements which must include the balance sheets, income statements and cash flows.
  • If legal dispute are pending then provide its detail.

MFB requires the commitment letter from the bidder with a proposed guarantor, financial institution which is issuing the letter of credit as the proof of performance assurance on behalf of the bidder. Based on following factors performance assurance of the bidder can be determined.

  • The rating of the bidder which is based on credit or the credit rating of the entity which is providing the credit assurance
  • Terms of the original contracts.
  • The volume of natural gas to be delivered.

In order to perform credit evaluation on the bidder or the entity providing the credit assurance, MFB audit financial statements and their bankruptcy record.

Section 5 Evaluation Of RFP:

MFB will examine and evaluate the bids based on the merit of bid proposal with respect to accomplish its need. Each bid proposal will be evaluated separately which is based on the compliance with this RFP and according to the firms supply, contract price, contract quantity, financial feasibility of bidder, trustworthiness of supply and delivery and along with the reference or bidder experience in this respected field.

Section 6: Privacy, Company Stipulation Of Rights And Disclaimers


MFB will keep confidentiality of information provided from all the bids submitted and will not disclose in any case until it is required by the laws or regulatory bodies. Such privacy does not be unfavorably impact on a regulatory process. Bidder is responsible to indicate clearly in its bid proposal about which part of information deems to be confidential. It does not mean that bidder can outline a whole proposal to be kept as confidential.

The MFB will keep this information as secret. The bidder should specifically acknowledge that MFB can keep this submitted information and they have no obligation on this act of MFB. Only those company employees will know about that information those are working on this proposal as the employees of that company.

Furthermore, all the bidder should know that their information will pass through the regulatory proceedings. Due to the appropriate privacy requirements relevant to that particular proceeding. At the end, MFB will utilize its competencies and by having future insight about price to evaluate the proposal. These results of the evaluation will not share with the other participating parties too but in case of demanded by the law and regulatory authorities.

Company reservations of privileges and disclaimers:

MFB has reserved rights to reject any bid or all bids without any prior notice. MFB has reserved right to cancel the whole RFP or it can terminate just a part of it if these proposal do not want the requirements of the buyer described in the above mentioned sections 2 & 3. Furthermore MFB has the rights reserved to make any agreement with any bidder who will fulfill the MFB requirements without the prior notice to any of the other bidders which will have the impact on the rules and regulation of MFB towards the anti competitive behavior of the bidders.

Any bidder can file suit against MFB, its affiliated and parent companies, against any of its director, office and employee. A bidder who has submitted a bid proposal to MFB can do such lawful act if the MFB creates the condition mentioned in above paragraph.


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