Reflective Journal on Ethics

reflective journal on ethics

Reflective Journal on Ethics consists of critical and analytical thinking about ethical related activities of a student as well as a professional. It is comprised on 4 parts which are Describe, interpret, Evaluate and Plan.


It is a unique experience to learn about ethics in this semester because ethics teaches us what is best for individuals and society. Ethics has huge impact on our decisions making as well as to lead our lives (Ethics Guide) .In simple ethics is described as a set of moral principles (Fieser). Our failure to practicing ethical behavior in our personal life as well as in our professional lives will have harmful impact on our relationship to sphere. After learning about business ethics, I think I can implement them on my everyday life routine as well as on my work practice in future too because it is being vital virtue for me.


However, according to me it is very difficult to make a difference between being an “ethical” and being a “nice” (Hao). I became wonder, if these two are one and same in the meaning.  However, ethics gave me an exposure to understand that there are so many ways through which you can act like ethically (Hao). For example, in any workplace, a company declares to perform a task/duty through practicing ethically behaviors not only with its clients but its employees too, many ways exists through which a company does so under business ethics. By acting upon ethical practices, it will have huge impact on the good will of company not only between its customers but in employees too.


Through this module I became able to learn about the theories behind the business ethics. It is very important to learn about Business Ethics . These Ethics will help us to fully understand and conduct ethical practices (Hao). For example, if organizations have more knowledge about business ethics to integrate ethical theories to make decisions. Due to which organizations can practice ethics in their business. This module also taught me about the importance of having knowledge about ethics for managers and workers as well.  This is why; if they don’t have knowledge about ethics how then can practice in their work place. Some of the businesses are so critical in which ethical practices are as much essential as the food for survival. For example, a pharmaceutical company is highly responsible to producing quality products which have no side effect to the user.

This can only be possible when all the company employees will be completely aware about the consequences of any mishap. They will not perform such an unethical practice which becomes the danger for people lives. Another example of skincare manufacturing company, if something went wrong the user will be directly affect by the outcome (Hao).  As a result, unethical conduct while business practices have huge negative impact on consumers and company’s good will as well.



Finally, according to my opinion it’s very hard to have a grip on business ethics. The learning from a textbook or discussion in class room is not enough to have deep insight in business ethics. Ethical practices cannot be learnt from only theories. It demands the real life exposure to behave because in actual situations becomes different. Some time you have to pay cost for being ethical in practice. In that type of condition we think about the short cut to get your goal. But in long time it will create a misbalance in the society (Hao). However, I become able to determine fundamentals which are essential to perform tasks and jobs ethically through this subject. (588 words)

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Did a great work, but you should describe in detail

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I have read my articles on Ethics But your Reflection is the worth while… best of luck for future


I am continually browsing online for articles that can benefit me. Thank you!


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