Reflection on Sociology Organizational Behavior and International Business Subject’s Learning

reflection on sociology, organizational behavior and international business subject's learning

Reflection on sociology organizational behavior and international business Includes  my subject’s learning. Three similarities which had a huge impact on me as an individual and on my future as well, because these subjects were interesting to me.


Sociology is the subject which gives us the chance to comprehend about how the general public aides our activity and life decisions similarly that the seasons impact our garments and exercises. Moreover, it breaks down the production of the social structure of people, for example, authoritative, religion and legislative issues. This is the examination which gives us to observe in the past culture of various social orders and furthermore look at their way of life. Dr. M.A Chaudhary makes this examination most fascinating by orchestrating study visit to the gallery to have a flying creature eye perspective of their social legacy. Through this examination, we arrive at a conclusion that our practices and activities affect the general public in both positive and negative ways.

Organization behavior:

Organization behavior was the subject which empowers a person to comprehend the effect of hierarchical systems on a person. This investigation empowers us to comprehend about the distinctive motivational speculations in light of a person’s characteristics which have the immediate effect on a person’s execution. Dr. S. Sajjad Khaga makes this subject additionally fascinating. It gives us the viable case from our establishment administration with the goal that we can see profoundly these ideas. Through this investigation, we can attempt to enhance our practices at authoritative level and also in our own lives.

International Business:

The last course was the international business composed by Charles W L Hill. This investigation enables us to see how the entire world has turned into the all inclusive town in the period of cutting edge advancements. Separation has been abbreviated and correspondence has turned out to be significantly simpler. These all elements encourage human to make exchange all through their guests. While organizations are developing all around, it makes the request of trademarks and copyrights to ensure their business perspectives. I learn this course online in light of the fact that I have 6 courses as of now. This course shapes our idea to maintain the business all around by remembering the political and temperate components.

In short, these courses help me a long way to go about the part of a person in general public. I propose these courses to my whole kindred who have enthusiasm to comprehend their part, will insubordinate read these books.

reflection on sociology organizational behavior and international business subject’s learning.

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