Reasons why to chose Sociology Organizational Behavior and International Business for reflective Journal entries

reflection on sociology, organizational behavior and international business subject's learning

Sociology Organizational Behavior and International Business were the memorable subjects for me and these were outside from my coursework.

Sociology is the subject which provides us the opportunity to understand about how the society guides our action and life choices in much the same way that the seasons influence our clothing and activities. Furthermore, it analyzes the creation of the social structure of human beings such as organizational, religion and politics.

This is the study which provides us to have a look in the past culture of different societies and also examine their life style. Dr. M.A Chaudhary makes this study most interesting by arranging study tour to the museum to have a bird eye view of their cultural heritage.  Through this study, we come to a conclusion that our behaviors & actions have an impact on the society in both positive and negative ways.

Reasons to chose Sociology Organizational Behavior and International Business:

Organization behavior was the subject which enables an individual to understand the impact of organizational strategies on an individual. This study enables us to understand about the different motivational theories based on an individual’s traits. It have the direct impact on an individual’s performance.  Dr. S.  Sajjad Khaga makes this subject more interesting through giving us the practical example from our institution management so that we can understand deeply these concepts. Through this study, we can try to improve our behaviors at organizational level as well as in our personal lives.

The last course was the international business written by Charles W L Hill. This study allows us to understand how the whole world become a globally village in the era of advanced technologies. Distance has been shortened and communication has become much easier. These all factors urge humans to make trade throughout their boarders. It represents international business. While businesses are growing globally, it creates the demand of trademarks and copyrights to protect their business aspects. I learned this course online because I have 6 courses already. This course shapes our thought to run the business globally by keeping in mind the political and economical factors.

In short, these courses help me a lot to learn about the role of an individual in a society, in an organizational and on the global level. I suggest these courses to my entire fellow who have interest to understand their role, will defiantly read these books.



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