Reasons why to chose Advertising & IMC Consumer Behavior and Making Innovation Work for reflective Journal entries

Reflection on advertising & IMC, consumer behavior and making innovation work subject's Learning

Reasons why to chose Advertising & IMC, Consumer Behavior and Making Innovation Work for reflective Journal entries:

Three courses outside from my coursework which were memorable for me are advertising & IMC, consumer behavior and making innovation work. These courses were interrelated with each other that are why I choose them for study respectively.


I choose advertising & IMC because I was curious to know about how advertising effects on our purchase behavior. This course gives me deep insight about the hard sell and soft cell strategies which are use by brand to urge people to make purchase their brands. Through the hard cell strategy they urge consumers to think rational while on the other hand, they target our emotion through soft cell strategy. This study was not only about the just advertising and other brand communication techniques such as developing public relations, direct marketing techniques and sales promotion, but provide investigating techniques  through which brand make their communications effective. That is the effective communication which urges people to see the commercial and influence their brains to make a purchase decision. My professor was Dr. Kahlid H. Saeed and he was such grateful person. He suggested me study consumer behavior for more understanding.


I don’t want to be a psychologist, because I just want to learn about how a consumer makes the selection of a product, use that product and dispose the product to satisfy their needs. I was curious because we all purchases and use products to fulfill our needs. This study provides me understanding about marketing concepts, marketing strategies, which companies used to urge people to buy their products. My professor Dr. M. M. Ali helps me a lot and makes it easier to understand about these strategies. The study provides me the more comprehensible concept of hard cell and soft cell strategy. These strategies have effect on the right side of the brain and urge a consumer to think rational as well as effect on the left side of the brain by manipulating consumers emotions.


At the end I want to discuss about my last course making innovation work. Before this, I think that innovation is to implementing new ideas to make innovative products. This course makes me realize that innovation can be in different forms like new strategies, change in leadership style, the value addition in products or services offering, technology advancement in running process etc. Making innovation work by Tony Davila provides me a deep understanding of innovation techniques and in process and Professor Dr. R. Irfan Sabir provides me guidance to understand about these methodologies. This learning will help me in my professional life to think and act like entrepreneur.

In short, these courses were worth it for me. I will suggest these courses to my fellows to enhance their knowledge for these course as well as practical experience.





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