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Three Professional Development Strategy which includes Skills assessment, Field or discipline research and Reflection

Three Professional Development Strategy which includes Skills assessment, Field or discipline research and Reflection are given below.

Skills assessment:

Leadership: I have planned to improve my leadership skills because these skills are becoming necessary by employers. Leadership skills can develop ability to coordinate, leading to motivation and can form a team which is the key factor to make your career successful.

Analytical/ quantitative skills: I lack in this aspect of skill because I can be good with numbers. For this purpose, I should read business oriented survey reports, its analysis and article, etc by getting guidance from respective professional.

Field/ discipline research:

Associations/organizations Conferences publications
International FMCG association FMCG insights and conferences 2016 Euro monitor the international
Pakistan Business council 6th annual PCB conference
Trade associations


Reflection on a Professional Development Strategy :

  1. According to my opinion, the international FMCG associations are the competitive leader of the industry. They are always looking for innovative ideas along with a proactive approach to compete with its competitors. For the purpose of my learning it provides me a chance to explore knowledge through practical experience in different fields under one roof. This association also provides the memberships which forms a team to address the problem faced by regulatory authorities. There will be an opportunity to develop above mentioned skills of leadership and analyzing the quantitative information of other competitor to which leads to deep understanding.
  2. This was the one day inaugural conference whose purpose is to gather the FMCG brands and master minds in the world of marketing at association of Sowetan. FMCG insights and conferences 2016 includes the potential evaluations downsize, the falling rand, moderate monetary development, cost wars and rising expansion, FMCG organizations are under expanding strain to convey. Presently, like never before, mark advertisers and FMCG experts need to up their amusement.
  3. Euro monitor international is the sole provider of guidance in the field of strategic marketing research through creating data and along with analyzing the millions of products and services globally. It is the privately owned by the Euro monitor along with its large office’s setup globally. It guides us about the strategic marketing research which is based on the quantities data collected from the market.

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