Power Distribution in Australia- Australian Energy Report

current and past power distribution industry in Aistralia

Australian power industry:

There are three main products of Australian power industry which are electricity distribution, smart meter installation and street light operations.

Power Distribution methods:

On the other hand, Australian distribution setup is also divided into three categories (Kerin, December 2014). First the manufacturing industries which are the key market for electricity, particularly non-ferrous metal manufacturing (Kerin, December 2014). Second is the retail trade in which retailers require electricity to heat and light their stories, as well as operate point of scale equipment (Kerin, December 2014). Third are the consumers which use electricity for household purpose.

According to Statics, household consumers contributes 28% in total revenue. In past, the government distributes power through line transmissions to the end customers. Furthermore Govt. hires companies which provide transmission to manufacturing units as well as to retailer and household consumers. But some of the large manufacturing companies do not rely on these setups. Instead of this they get electricity directly from the main transmission which comes from it production place to avoid any disturbance in voltage (Kerin, December 2014) .

Smart meter power distribution:

Due to the change in technology Australia has adopt the smart meter technology. It gives the better outcome of results about the demand of electricity within the specific time and location. Replacements of the smart meters are the responsibility of the distribution company and also a source of revenue generation. Smart meters are the source to get real time usage on peak time through which they can use more prices to control the electricity usage which helps to make a balance in supply and demand (Kerin, December 2014). In future, this technology will help to improve distribution setup as well as production setup.

Street light power distribution:

In street light operations several industries are operating which provides the maintenance and installation of light. From last few years this industry is declining due to several other activities (Kerin, December 2014).


Kerin, R. (December 2014). Electricity Distribution in Australi(IBISWorld Industry report D2630). Australian Energy regulator. IBIS World.


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