Obtain Knowledge Lifelong Learning Framework-Lifelong Learning

Obtain Knowledge Lifelong Learning Framework-Lifelong Learning

Obtain Knowledge brainstormed Five activities leading to global lifelong learning:

An Attending religious congregation-Obtain Knowledge Lifelong Learning:

Within the time I grow older, I planned to attend the religious congregations which will give me more insight about my religion along with different cultures. This practice will also help me to understand myself along with the boundaries limited by my religion. By attending others, religious congregations, I should be able to learn about other religions and ultimately it will lead to my learning experience globally.

Listening global news channels-Obtain Knowledge Lifelong Learning:

This practice will help me to understand about the up-to-date knowledge about the economical and political conditions of different countries. By analyzing the different scenarios, I become able to understand about the factors which play an important role in developing the economy of a country as well as to stabilize the political situation which ultimately leads to a better living standard of the nation of that country.

Socializing across boundaries:

By making friends from all over the world through different social media website like Facebook, Instagram etc I can learn more about their culture and their living standard. This practice will help me to reduce prejudice which leads to a healthy interaction with people. By communicating with people enables me to get proficiency in different languages.

Attending global cultural exhibitions:

By attending different global cultural conferences will give me deep insight about the culture and way of living of different countries. Interaction with people belongs to diverse culture will help me to make relations with people having diverse culture and languages. Furthermore, this practice will help me to get knowledge about the ways of living. It also will provide a chance to learn about their language and ultimately this practice leads me to global learning.

Working in a diverse work environment:

I wish to get a job in a multinational organization having a diverse workforce. In a diverse work environment, I will interact with people having different cultures, languages, their way of living etc. This practice will enable me to think and act accordingly and promote the intercultural communications which eliminates conflicts at workplace. It will also lead to get proficiency in other languages.

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this is very informative and intersting for those who are interested in blogging field.

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I never read such a Brief article…nice writing

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