Informational Interview || Sample Templates || Business Studies information

Informational Interview || Sample Templates || Business Studies information

Informational Interview helps to gather more information about lifelong learning practices and opportunities associated with your intended career or other aspect of life after graduation.

Student name:  Deham Alshammari

Interview subjects name: Mrs. Judy Xiao

Date of the interview:  16 November, 2017

Organization name: Hong Kong, Morrison co, limited

Designation: sales director

Email address: [email protected]

Introduction of Informational Interview:

Electronics industry is changing rapidly due to the technological advancement. Every day, new innovation has been made in electronic products to provide better facilitation to its consumers.  Hong Kong Morrison co, limited is one of the leading manufacturing companies of China. It produce the smart watches with the latest technology. The trend of smart watches is becoming popular due to its functionalities. It provides assistance to its user to get control over their physical conditions with the additional function of doing calls and using the internet.  Now, we can use watch as a medical machine as well as a smart phone. There are a lot of my peer fellows who are using smart watches for this purpose, and I become surprise while its uses is going to viral.

This is the suitable industry for me according to my skills, and I will feel more pleasure to work with this type of industry because I understand the importance of these products for people. Regarding innovation I have learned more about how innovative products become the market tycoon’s products.

Summary of Informational Interview:

During the interview with Mrs. Judy Xiao, who is the sale director at Hong Kong Morrison co, limited, I emphasize on the continuous development of employees. Mrs. Xiao gave me a briefing about the strategies which her company adopted to groom the personal skills of their employees. During our conversation she emphasized more about the professional learning, she says, either we use the latest technology in our products but due to the huge competition employees should have the firm grip of the personal skills along with communication skills to present the product in front of customers. She says that more casual culture developed to indulge employees to perform their duties in the friendly environment. She showed me the statistic after implementing the casual culture; the results were amazing in the term of sales as well as employee turnover.

Furthermore, she told me that her subordinates actively take part in the charity events, funfair, etc on a regular basis to learn about the psychology of the people to develop their skills. She emphasized about continuing the education because she thought the study is the basic step through which an individual can understand fifty-percent psychology of the customer and rest can be learned after attraction with him.

I become surprised when I asked about her qualification; It told me that she has completed her Doctorate degree recently. She said this degree do not required for this post, but her logic was weird. She said education environment attracts me but I feel pleasure to communicate with diverse People.


After having conversation, I came to realize this industry perfectly matches with my skills and my priorities. That is why I decided to choose this industry as a career due to its emerging trends. After that conversation I will make connection with Mrs. Xioa to gain more knowledge about this industry as well as to gain help to start my career. This action of mine will help me to have practically insight about the concepts taught in the coursework with the help of Mrs. Xioa.

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