How Informational Interview Conducted || Sample Template

How Informational Interview Conducted || Sample Template

Informational Interview gives us Better understanding about continuing education, forms of informal or non formal learning out side of professional development.

Student name:  Mazen Almutairi

Interview subject’s name: ABC

Date of the interview: 19 November, 2017

Organization: Pakistan electronics, Limited

Position title: customer service executive

Email address: [email protected]

Introduction of Informational Interview:

Electronics appliance industry plays a vital role to provide comfortable to make easier our process at home and ultimately give us a better living standard. There are too many fields in which electronic appliances play its role such as in the fields of home appliances, industry electronics, etc. most interesting thing in the field of appliance industry is that it’s becomes the essential part of life. In this era of technological advancement, every person needs the easy way of doing things.

Since from my child, I have also experienced about time about usage of these types of products through which my interest was build. For this purpose, I have planned to study in the relevant field and now, my skills and expertise completely match with this industry.

Summary of Informational Interview:

I interviewed ABC, who is the customer service executive at Pakistan electric limited and working there since from the past decade. He is the person who works in the customer service department and has deep insight about this field. After discussion with ABC I came to realized how much continuous development is necessary to deal with the multinational brands like PepsiCo and coca cola international and emphases on the importance of professionalism. He says it is necessary for an employee to work like professional because he is deal with highly reputable firms.

Furthermore, Mr. ABC said professionalism is the other side of doing your job efficiently and effectively. He is the person who joined Pakistan electronics after his graduation and now, he has completed his doctorate degree in the branch of marketing after sales services. Mr. ABC said, continuing education will lead you to the executive post through which you will get the chance to deal with the professional of upper management. In short, he said your career is continued the process of learning and polishing your skills which will help you to done job in an efficient and effective way.


Mr. ABC said that this industry is changing rapidly due to the latest technology in every aspect which can be used in value addition in product manufacturing. Now days, sales as well as after sale service has adopted technology to capture the largest market share as well as to provide better facilitation through branding. During our conversation, Mr. ABC told me about the casual business culture which is used at their work place. He said friendly work environment is most important for learning purpose as well as to get effective results.


If I somehow managed to settle on the choice to take this activity, I would have the capacity to move upward in the industry subsequent to having these encounters. We will check whether I advance, however, I will make beyond any doubt to stay in touch with Mr. ABC as I push ahead with my choices. In general, my discussions with Mr. ABC have certainly helped me take in more about myself and my industry to at last secure that I should be in the industry.

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