General Education Learning Goals | Personal and Social Responsibilities | Integration, application and reflection | Communication

General Education Learning Goals | Personal and Social Responsibilities | Integration, application and reflection | Critical and Creative Thinking:

In the General Education Learning Goals areas, Personal and Social Responsibilities, Integration, application and reflection and  Communication given below,

Personal and Social Responsibilities

I have chosen the artifact personal and social responsibilities. From my personal experience, Personal and Social responsibilities are important for everyone who are living for ourselves and for better society. Personal responsibility is to accept the importance of standards from our culture for making strenuous personal efforts. This behavior of everyone will show an enormous impact on the society. Personal and Social Responsibilities Integration application and reflection and  Communication

Personal values are different for everyone. For me, it is a thing which i will learn and develop in my entire course of life. I have changes personal values till my grade 10. But after my high school I come to know the importance of personal values in my life and fix to important values in my life. Personal values from me is set from my family, culture, religion, society, friends and through education. These showed a major impact on the success of my life.

I have developed all my personal values and responsibilities through experience through my family and professional experience. My major core values to respect others, follow rules and rituals and to set goals for a bright future and to implement my goal in a strategic way. In my point of view, ethical values impact a lot on our behavior. The impact of ethical values is most in today’s world.


It shapes and influences others. Our ethical values judge our core values and behavior and we get respect in the society based on the ethical values we follow. In, conclusion, ethical values can change anything from up to down.

So, it is a major part in one’s life. Engage in meaningful civic activities. Academic study means acquiring knowledge in a specific field. It makes us to focus on pertaining areas and gives us a degree based on the level of our education. But civic engagement is wide array of participating directly or indirectly in the social activities for the betterment of the society. Both, Academic study and civic engagement is different in its path but have a major connection in implementing our academic study knowledge in improving our civic engagement. It shows our punctuality.

This will show a major difference between people who do not do work on time and who does on time. For students doing their work on time is important and it is helpful for them in their professional work. Personal and Social Responsibilities Integration application and reflection and  Communication


I have chosen the artifact communication. Personal and Social Responsibilities Integration application and reflection and  Communication. In my point of view, Audience need to be aware of proper communication skills. The purpose of communication in written and oral form is, it is a process of receiving and sending information. Oral communication means sharing views, speeches, discussions etc. Oral communication improves managing skills, interpersonal skills and to develop relationships in this corporate world. In the same way, written communication is important to put our views on paper. It will show to the world our innovative thoughts.

Written communication is the oldest form of communication and it can be letters, research papers, discussion writing. This is very much useful for students and professionals to build their career. In conclusion, from my experience oral and written communication plays a vital role in everyone’s life in the world. It is important to have oral communication to everyone to share their views to people. In oral communication, both verbal and nonverbal skills a vital role. Nonverbal skills are very much useful for sharing their views, hand-in-hand with people or public. Nonverbal skills also include body language like gestures, handshakes, eye contact, voice, facial expressions, postures etc. These are very useful for professional communication.


Verbal communication includes clarifying the doubts, asking questions, remaining calm, clarity in their speech, polite, being focus are some of the main aspects of verbal communication. In conclusion, both verbal and nonverbal skills in oral communication brings effective and professional communication. It is important to convey our information either in written format or oral format effectively is very important. There are many ways to transfer or receive information to make us or others understand in a simpler and effective way. By using images and conveying a message or data is current trend in this world.

Following standards of English is necessary to make effective and attractive communication. Any written and oral communication includes grammar, spelling, punctuation and other mechanics. These all together make an effective communication. To become a good speaker or writer, all these skills are necessary in standard communication.

Integration, application and reflection:

I have chosen the artifact integration, application and reflection.  Integration is the general sense to bring two things together in any aspect like economies, cultures, religions etc. Application is putting an exclusive use or purpose of anything. It will bring out the problem. In the same way, reflection is a mental process for a long consideration. This will include opinions that come from our mind on the specific topic. Personal and Social Responsibilities Integration application and reflection and  Communication

Learning prior to develop multiple perspectives on educational or life events is important. It gives us proper idea and strong understanding on the topic. Learning anything before gives us basic information on the topic, we can attain clarity upon information. In conclusion, prior learning process in any event will increase our knowledge, and boost us in improving our skills. This prior learning process makes us strong and face any event strong and can bring success in a short span of time. There is a major connection between knowledge and experience. We can acquire knowledge of information through experience and vice versa. There is no knowledge without experience and vice versa. They are the boundaries which guides everyone to be honest, true, obey and code of behavior. In the same way, perspective is view of our own selves. From my experience, there is a strong connection between discipline and perspective.


If we follow the set of rules which comes from our family, society and culture then our perspective will be similar, and we will guide and suggest everyone to follow them. Discipline has an enormous impact on perspective. For example, I will follow traffic rules strictly as per our state law and my perspective to tell everyone and follow the rules.

From my experience, I have an example to show how I adapted US culture in my life. I’m from Saudi, and I don’t know English, US culture when I came to this university. But slowly within a semester, I made friends with US citizens, adapted US culture, and improved my communication too. It is a good habit of learning by our own. It will only come with proper understanding of topic.

In conclusion, my experience is the best example for self-learning. I developed my skills by my own in communication, acquiring knowledge and getting certification on my course work. All these helped me a lot in my completing this degree.

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