General Education Learning Goals | Personal and social responsibilities | Communication | Collaboration

General Education Learning Goals | Personal and Social Responsibilities | Integration, application and reflection | Critical and Creative Thinking:

In the General Education Learning Goals area, Personal and social responsibilities, Communication and Collaboration described below.

Personal and social responsibilities:

I chose the personal and social responsibilities as an artifact because it has a perfect match with my personal experience. These personal and social responsibilities have a significance impact on the better of the society around you. Personal responsibility is the state of mind which comes from inwards to outwards while on the other hand, social responsibility represents the behavior required In favor of the society.

Individual values from me are set from my family, culture, religion, society, and companions and through instruction. These demonstrated a noteworthy effect on the accomplishment of my life. I have built up all my own values and obligations through experience through my family and expert experience. My real center values to regard others, take after tenets and customs and to set objectives for a splendid future and to actualize my objective deliberately. In my perspective, moral values affect a considerable measure on our conduct. The effect of moral values is most in this day and age. It shapes and impacts others.

Personal and social responsibilities Communication Collaboration


The chosen artifact communication is the process through which information can be exchanged between objects as well as between people by using the mutually understandable medium and semiotic rules. It is as much important as food for the survival of a person. It creates the opportunity for people to share their views, learning experience; sharing information and many more etc. it can be in either in oral or in written form

Following norms of English is important to make powerful and alluring correspondence. Any composed and oral correspondence incorporates sentence structure, spelling, accentuation and different mechanics. These all together make a powerful correspondence. To end up plainly a decent speaker or author, every one of these aptitudes is fundamental in standard correspondence. All in all, acing Standard English in both composed and oral correspondence is vital in everybody life particularly training and expert vocation.

Referencing any data morally and fittingly is critical to have a simple comprehension in any dialect. Reference makes the audience members and peruses to find out about the specific point more in detail. Here in case of communication my global lifelong learning plan fits into the learning goal of my life as well as to my personal growth because the plan have been developed to become a social person who has an exposure and grip about the knowledge of people from around the globe. Personal and social responsibilities Communication Collaboration


Collaboration is the process in which two or more than two people work jointly to accomplish a specific endeavor. Collaboration has the huge impact on the performance of a group because it provides a direction of your desired goal. It provides an opportunity to work flexibility which develops a team member’s interest into the project. Collaboration also provides an opportunity for a team to think creative because in a team every member has its own personal reflection of the specific debate.

The General education debate is an example of collaboration between the group members through which every group member becomes able to get the in depth knowledge about the topic. Collaboration also expands our exposure as well as the set of expertise because it’s the human psychology man learns faster from other peers.

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