What is the definition of Marketing? Explanations and Examples

Marketing is a systematic process to create value to get value in return by building customer relationship and engaging customers.

The definition of Marketing is a systematic process to create value to get value in return by building customer relationships and engaging customers.

This concept shows that the marketing process starts when a product lies in the planning phase. We can say that It includes promotional activities, planning, prototyping, sampling, fit samples, and final creation of a good or service. After selling goods or services, companies offer customer services or warranties of goods. It helps companies to build a strong company image and develop a healthy relationship with customers.

Sometimes companies engage customers to perform healthy and entertaining activities to develop a better image in the minds of customers. It covers many areas like Research, advertising, sales, branding, public relations, and social media. In simple words, It is a process of buying and selling goods and services in the market.


B2B and B2C marketing

B2B+B2C Definition of Marketing:

There are two basic types of marketing as a business to business and business to consumer marketing. In business to business marketing, Companies sell industrial goods or services to other companies to make finished products. For example, a garment manufacturing firm outsources raw yarn to knit clothing for the garment.

While on the other hand, business to consumer marketing directly focuses on the consumer to generate sales of finished products. In both scenarios, strategies will be different to promote company business. Usually, this process includes steps like understand customers, analyze market and competition, define marketing mix, position, and budget, and then execute a plan.

For example, burger paints launch a program to paint Artwork on the city’s walls. It helps Burger company to portrait his image in the mind of customers that we do not do only business. But we also focus on the betterment of society. This activity also helps them to show that: it’s a reliable paint that did not get faint in the direct light of the sun.

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