Current and past power generation methods in Australia

Current and Past Power Generation methods used in Australia

Electricity is significantly important for modern living. It gives us a source “power” to our lights, appliances, industry process, trains, and to electric vehicles. If we look around globally, electricity use has increased more rapidly which created more demand for electricity with thousands of new power plants all over the world. Now a new methods is introduces which have a small share in world’s generation and that is renewable.

Current and past power generation methods:

Now I will talk about the current and past power generation methods in detail and its distribution structure to elaborate how it increase in electricity demand opened the new ways of its generations.

Coal Power generation method:

Stem coal which is known as thermal coal is used to generate electricity. First we crush coal into fine powder which increases its flammability. That fine powder burned into combustion chamber of its boiler to where its coverts the water into steam in tubes lining of boiler.  A coal power generation method produces large amount of energy as compared to the renewable. But when we count mining and disposal space we don’t have any advantage over other sustainable methods. Now in Australia, some of the coal power stations are not economically viable but it is working due to its huge infrastructure which is more expensive than it’s clean up and producing major portion of its consumption.

Thermal power generation method:

Thermal power generation method uses reciprocate engines produce electricity.These engines burns diesel, bio-gas and natural gas at large scale (net, 2013).Biogas is combusted where it is produced like landfill or wastewater treatment plant through a reciprocate engine or a micro turbine to produce electric like GE-Gas turbine and CAT-IE Engine.

Nuclear Power generation method:

Now days, Australia is using new technology nuclear reactor which control the release of energy from splitting the atoms of uranium. It is an efficient and clean way rather than the power generations from coal and thermal. It produces the large amount of power rather than others.

Hydro Power Generation method:

Hydro power method used to generate power in Australia in Past few decades. In this method electricity generator used to extract power from moving water. Its best place to install on rivers and streams .

Batteries power generation method:

The electricity is stored in chemical form through a closed energy system in Batteries power generations system. This system is most popular in the submarines and electric vehicles.

Wind Power generation method:

Wind power is also produce by using the wind generators to strap up the kinetic energy of wind into electric power. It is gaining more popularity in all over the world. It provides the less than one percent of global energy consumption.

Wave power generation method

Wave power generations method is becoming more popular in Australia. These generators work with the power of water waves and placed on the surface of ocean. Its production is depending upon the wave height, speed wavelength and water density. Power generations are also becoming most popular locally in Australia. It is produce by collecting, converting and storing sunlight into electricity (electricity generation-what are the options.





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