Consumer Needs are __________.

product's perceived performance matches a buyer's expectations

Consumer Needs are __________.

A. shaped by culture and individual personality
B. some combination of products, services, information, or experiences offered to a market to satisfy a need or want
C. human wants that are backed by buying power
D. states of felt deprivation

Correct Answer:

States of felt deprivation


Consumer Needs are State of felt deprivation. The human needs are divided into three categories like physical, social and individual needs.

Physical needs:

Physical needs are those which belong to human basic needs. Without fulfilling these Consumer needs, it’s difficult for a human to survive. Basic needs include food, clothes, shelter, life safety and human sexual needs. These all are the basic and essential needs. If some of these needs are missing it becomes difficult for a human to live their life normally.

Social needs:

Social needs can be categorize into  belongings or affection needs. This is the second stage of needs and it comes after the basic or physical needs are fulfilled. In social needs, humans have desire to have social relation to other people to spent leisure time in a good manner. After basic needs humans also want the affection needs. Human have a natural phenomena in which they want people to which they love. This can be their life partner, family and children etc.

Individual needs:

Individual needs referred as  self esteem needs. It means every individual wants acknowledgement in the society. They want recognition based on their work in their social circle, in their family and in their belongings. On the other hand, Maslow hierarchy of needs theory categories all these needs into five categories. These categories are, physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, self esteem and self actualization.

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