Career planning of Twenty years with “i will be” statement

Career planning of Twenty years with “i will be” statement

Career planning after I finish this semester, I will try to find a job to improve my skills and be closer to the business that related to my major to start my own business after two years.

  1. Get more knowledge about all the business relating to my major.
  2. I will find a job with my business runner in my country to have more knowledge about what market need.
  3. I will start doing my business plan or start to think about what my business will be after about two years.

In ten years, I will be ……..hoping at that time I already running my own business unless I find a really good job.

  1. After this time, I will be sure about what I am doing in my life. I will move to other goal in my life.
  2. At that time, I have something that should be done or start makes them done such as having my own house.
  3. My real goal is doing my own business and I hope at that time I am really working to make my own company.

Career planning In twenty years, I should be running my own business and trying to make my business bigger.

  1. In twenty years I will try to be business owner unless I found really good job with my government.
  2. I will work so hard to be successful with a thing in my life.
  3. 3I start working on what should I do next. I will try to make all what I want to do as its really possible.

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