Bid Evaluation Process | Technical, Management, Commercial & Ethical

Given  a  situation  to  solicit  a  bid evaluation  proposal process,  evaluate  technical,  management,  commercial  and ethical requirements,

Technical Requirements Of A Bid Evaluation:

A bid evaluation proposal must have the executive summary to describe the main theme of proposal. It should be based on brief description of proposed work. A proposal must have a table of content.  A proposal must contain the technical background which identifies the problem required to be solved and provide direction towards the agreement which is important to be solved. Technical background should also justify the proposed work. Technical justification of the required work is based on obtained data by yourself who would support the feasibility of your proposal. This is the most detailed section in the bid proposal. Furthermore, It contains many subsections which describes the assumption, results from previous experiments, theoretical modeling of experimental results and proposition of work completed to date and identification of critical needs.

Management of Bid Evaluation:

In the technical approach section it must identify and specify those things you want to achieve with this project. This section will include the list of those tasks that is necessary to be performing to meet the objectives listed above. Task should describe in details by dividing the work activities into small manageable tasks. It also should contain the list of schedule to complete each task as well as the whole project completion. A chart should be use to describe the schedule if desired. This section should determine the costs associated with each work task as well as to overall completion of the project.

Commercial And Ethical Requirements:

It should describe the project team and key personnel’s used to accomplish this task through which we can identify the team structure and their education backgrounds and relevant experience of each team member. It identifies the suitability of the equipment to use or purchase to carry out this project. Furthermore, it must clearly indicates the equipment has capability to complete the project.

Expected benefits from undertaking project should be clearly identifying in this section. However, These benefits can be economical, ecological collective benefits that could have impact at individual or as whole. This will provide justification about the time and expense of carrying out this project. Identify environmental impacts arising from the completion of this work. Moreover, environment friendly material should used instead of the toxic chemical.Despite from all this, the material should be disposable and don’t have any harmful impact. These material don’t have adverse effects.

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