Assumes Attitudes Lifelong Learning Framework-Lifelong Learning

Assumes attitudes Lifelong Learning Framework-Lifelong Learning

Assumes Attitudes Lifelong Learning Framework described below based on five brainstormed activities:

Attending the 5th Asia-Euro conference as guest-Assumes Attitudes Lifelong Learning:

I hope, I will attend the 8th Asia-Euro conference as a guest rather than a participant. This conference focuses on tourism and hospitality. Through this conference, I will be able to learn about the history of different tourism places by the models of their representatives along with the behaviors of people comes from Asia and Europe. From this, I become able to reduce prejudice by meeting people come from Asia and Europe. It will also increase my leaning abilities about the cultures of different nations and provide me an exposure about their native languages.

Understanding of multinational companies, case studies-Assumes Attitudes Lifelong Learning:

By analyzing the case studies of multinational companies during studies enables us to understand about the professional practices to resolve a problem in a beneficial way. It provides knowledge about the practices through which a company can enhance its business in an efficient an effective way. Case studies tell us about the management practice of a diverse group of work force.

Global Cultural exhibitions:

It’s my dream to attend the global cultural exhibitions to have more knowledge about the various cultures of different countries. For this purpose, it is necessary to appreciate other culture differences by giving them value according to their culture. This will lead to develop my relationship with people from the various cultures and it provides me an opportunity to learn about the language of those people for easier interaction.

Listening British Broadcasting Corporation BBC:

The BBC news broadcast the news and current affairs from all over the world. This provides us knowledge about the how the global issues are interconnected and interdependent on each other through analyzing the political and economical situations of different countries. This channel also provides an opportunity to tune into different languages. Through this facility we can enhance our listening skills of different languages. The news broad castes according to the cultures of the respective countries which creates awareness about the global cultures.

The Global conference on Islamic finance by Alhuda CIBE in Turkey:

Currently, the concept of Islamic finance is becoming popular in all over the world. I participated as a guest in this conference held in turkey in last year. In that conference, the religious scholars from different Muslim countries participated with a motive to promote practices of Islamic finance. By attending this conference helps me to engage with the people of various countries and interact with them. It also helps me to understand about their life style as well as their cultures. The concept of self-awareness of culture was acknowledged by me along with the business practices in banking sectors.


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