Develop skills Lifelong Learning Framework- Lifelong Learning

Develop skills Lifelong Learning Framework- Lifelong Learning


Develop Skills Lifelong Learning Framework described below based on five brainstormed activities which is based on personal learning

Online education-Develop skills Lifelong Learning:

The online education courses provide an opportunity to learn about studies through intercultural communications. Intercultural communication enhances the ability of thinking and working and moves to the global learning through diverse learning environment. It becomes the cause of language proficiency and also provides opportunity to learn about other languages around the world by interacting with people from different countries. Online courses method is designed for global perspective, which becomes the cause to enhance the exposure of learner through different method of teaching.

Practice of Reading international magazine “Times”:

As I started my higher education, I planned to read multinational time magazine. By reading this magazine give, I gained knowledge about the running condition of different countries in economical and political perspective. It includes point of view of different philosopher as well as criticism by the opposing political parties. This practice enhance my ability of thinking and up to date my knowledge about the global affairs.

Survey reports-Develop skills Lifelong Learning:

Analysis of survey reports develops our skill of to think and work on the data gathered by a diverse work of groups in a specific context. It also provide opportunity to learn about the relationship between theory and it practices based on its results. It also enables to understand the described perspective internally as well externally within that reports and provides deep understanding and indicates about strategies through which we can overcome on arising conflicts both as a citizen and a professional.

Attending fashion show in Orlando, Florida:

It was my dream to attend the fashion show held in Orlando in Florida. This will provide me an opportunity to interact with various people comes from the different states of united state. It will also provide me an opportunity to see a variety of dress design through which I can judge about their living style. This opportunity will push me into a situation in which I can have exposure about accent of spoken languages there.

Visiting global news network:

Global news network is a platform which provides updates about the latest trending news which becomes the cause of awareness about the economical and political condition globally. The entertainment programs on this channel give us indication about the different cultures according to that country. It also provides an opportunity to learn how they manage the conflicts arising in their political situations.



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